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Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Government to discuss plans for IFSC Back  
The Minister of Finance, Charlie McCreevy will give a key note speech at the forthcoming Finance Dublin Conference to be held on April 9-10th, in the Burlington Hotel Dublin. McCreevy will address the role of the Irish Government in the future of the IFSC. Paolo Cecchini, the author of the renowned ‘Cecchini Report’ on the cost of non-Europe, will also speak on the topic ‘A true single European market for financial services’. He will draw on the research report funded by the European Round Table of Financial Services, which he currently chairs to examine the costs of not creating a single market in financial services. The research report is evaluating the economic costs of failure to complete the single market in financial services, and the benefits that a single market will create.
Paul Carroll, managing partner, A&L Goodbody will examine the pan-European regulatory environment and the need for better access to low cost. Barriers to free trade in financial services will be analysed by Willie Slattery, chief executive of Deutsche International.
The conference will also feature Willie McGee, detective superindent in the money-laundering unit of the Garda Siochana who is to speak on the topic of money laundering. McGinn will provide an Irish perspective on international developments to strengthen anti-money laundering measures, which are increasing compliance requirements for all financial institutions.
Other topics to be covered include an issue, which is of huge importance to the banking community both domestically and internationally - the Basle Capital Accord. Bill Coen, a member of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision will assess the implications of the Basle proposals in conjunction with Cormac Murphy of Andersen, for both financial institutions and SMEs and will detail the timeframe for implementation.
Stefan Matthias, secretary general of FEFSI, the European funds industry association, will examine pan-European trends in funds.
The area of taxation will be looked at from a number of different angles, Pat Wall of PricewaterhouseCoopers will examine Ireland’s international tax position while Paul McGowan of KPMG will look at the outlook and trends of taxation of financial services in the EU. Frank Mullen and Michael O’Grady of the Irish Revenue Commissioners will analyse the OECD’s taxation policy.
As at last year’s Finance Dublin conference, leading international financial services companies will give case studies. Bank of Bermuda, Societe Generale, Mellon and Euroben will be amongst those giving in-depth profiles this year.
Following on from the success of the Irish Covered Bond Conference in October, Finance Dublin will hold a seminar on the new bond, which will examine the attractiveness of the new bond for investors. It will also update market participants on the developments in the Irish covered bond market since the conference.The seminar will be chaired by Dr. Ronan O’Connor and features participation from DePfa and Merrill Lynch.

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