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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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Desmond on management techniques Back  
A new book on management skills written by Ivor Kenny aims to distil into one book the lessons he learned working with managers for 40 years.

Entitled ‘Can you manage?’ the core of the book, according to Kenny, is since that few things are black and white, clear-cut, either/or, we have to manage in a way that accepts the existence of contradictory phenomena without trying to resolve them.

Launching the book at a function in the RSCI, Dermot Desmond said that he did not personally regard himself as a good manager - his skill was rather that of a talent scout for management. He mentioned three managers whose appointment he was involved in - the Celtic manager Martin O’Neill, ‘on the advice of a certain Sir’, Michael Buckley who, when first mentioned to him was described as ‘remarkably enthusiastic for a civil servant’, and Michael Walsh of Desmond’s own IIU.

Kenny, who is currently a senior research fellow at University College Dublin and president of the International Management Centres and a director of Independent News & Media plc and of IONA Technologies plc, has four decades of management experience behind him, and was he was director general of the Irish Management Institute from 1962 to 1983. This is Kenny’s eleventh book.

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