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Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Bankers appeal to Government Back  
‘We need the Government and its agencies to play the constructive role that they in turn want us to play, and I take this opportunity to appeal to them to do just that,’ Donal Forde, president of the Irish Bankers’ Federation (IBF), and managing director of AIB, told attendees at the IBF’s annual general meeting held on April 30th.

Saying that the banking industry shares the same long-term interests as Government in having a fully efficient and competitive banking market in Ireland, Forde believes that the only way to achieve this is through partnership, as, ‘a partnership approach provides the formula for the most effective delivery of the leading standards of efficiency and competitiveness for which we all strive’.

However, Forde went on to say that recent budgetary measures, such as the imposition of a E300 million bank levy, have called into question the Government’s commitment to such an approach, and he is calling on them to reassess their strategy.

Forde did acknowledge however, the significant progress that has been made to date by adopting this partnership approach, particularly in reference to the international financial services sector, and he welcomed the Taoiseach’s stated commitment to the further development and promotion of Ireland as a location for internationally traded financial services. He also welcomed the renewal of the mandate of the Government’s Clearing House Group and its related sub-committees.

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