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Sunday, 14th July 2024
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The FINANCE Magazine Corporate Treasury Autumn/Winter Series


Treasury landscape post-2008
The treasury function is experiencing the impact of a volatile and fast-moving market - and the repercussions could prompt fundamental changes going forward.

Better treasury and reduced cost
During times of change flexibility is important, says Eddie Forgarty, and a ‘managed treasury’ facility could be the answer to some companies’ treasury functions.


Foreign Exchange

Fluctuations in currency have had a huge and far reaching impact on Irish Corporates.

Deposits & Investments

Is the time right to catch the falling knife or is cash still king?

Hedging Strategies

Risk management in 2009 will play a greater role for all treasury operations than in recent years and corporates must ensure they are prepared for all eventualities. A select group of specialists outline the best solutions for corporates to hedge their risk

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