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Saturday, 22nd January 2022
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In the June issue : A Finance Dublin Survey on the effects of a 'Brexit' on the Irish IFS industry shows that 58 p.c.say it would be ‘bad’ for the IFSC    
A Finance Dublin Survey on the effects of a 'Brexit' on the Irish IFS industry in this issue shows that 58 p.c. say it would be ‘bad’ for Ireland's international financial services industry although there are seen to be some potential compensating factors. On compensating factors, the jury is out, with 53 p.c. saying that compensating factors may offset the damage caused, against 47 p.c. saying that they definitely would not. Fintech is one area where Ireland could gain from 'Brexit', as London could lose its pre-eminent status as one of the global fintech hubs as a result. The issue has several features on aspects of fintech, including the work to be done in Deloitte's new blockchain Lab in Dublin, and an analysis of blockchain's significance by the editor. The Irish Tax Monitor covers a range of cutting edge topics, including BEPS Action 9, the OECD's CSR, and tax free staff payments.

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